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Southern Theater
World Premiere
February 23rd, 1995
Minneapolis, MN

Extended Version 1998
Hennepin Center for the Arts, Minneapolis, MN
a steamy, satirical, multimedia extravaganza


Able to leap entire decades in a single bound, Kari Margolis and Tony Brown play two intense yet hilariously unhinged vampires. Obsessed with eternal youth they are like the celluloid stars of the Hollywood orbit and will never age. After a century of sucking up a host of cinematic and other pop cultural images they fervently continue their bizarre pursuit of the meaning of love and life.

VIDPIRES! featured the world premiere of Margolis and Brown's original Vampire Songs performed by a LIVE DEAD BAND.


Conceived and Written by:
Kari Margolis & Tony Brown Directed /Choreographed by:
Kari Margolis

The Ensemble 1998
Bonnie Zimering Bottoms, Beth Brooks, Tony Brown, Brently Michael Davis, Kym Longhi, Kari Margolis, Kathleen Sullivan, Michael A. Sward, Veronica Weadock, Alexa Bradley and Peter Hutter.

The Ensemble 1995
Bonnie Zimering Bottoms, Brently Michael Davis, Holly Schramm, Caron Cacciatore, Kym Longhi, James Lloyd, Tony Brown, Kari Margolis, Risa Cohen, Stephan Geras. Jill Heaberlin, Gunnar Danielson

Multimedia Imagery:
Tony Brown and Kari Margolis
Original Compositions:
Tony Brown
Scenic Design: Rick Paul
Costume Design:
Kari Margolis and Bil Ingram
Lighting Design: Stephen Rueff
'98 and Jeff Bartlett '95
Video Design: Jim Peitzman
Masks: Brently M. Davis
Body Puppets:
Kym Longhi and Kathleen Sullivan
Stage Managers:
Patsy Raynolds and Sean Tonko Gypsy Music:
Dave Douglas-trumpet and original composition, Mark Feldman-violin, Nabila Schwab-accordion and voice, Charles Haynes-arrangements for recorded violin



Arts & Entertainment
Multi-media dreamworld enchants audiences at Southern
focus POINT
by Michael Tortorello
March 1, 1995

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A little scary but funny, 'Vidpires' is a deftly done look at culture
Theater review
By Mike Steele
Star Tribune Staff Writer
March 24, 1998

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