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World Premiere
7 Stages Theatre
Atlanta, GA
May, 2010


"In Search of Tonto Blue" is a musical, multimedia roller coaster ride into the inner sanctum of three mildly mad characters; the seemingly silent everyman Arthur A. Peterson, his wild superstar alto ego Tonto Blue, and the experimental theatre artist tracking the creation of his newest production Tony Brown.

Soulful, silly and surrealistic this theatrical search for identity will take you down the back roads of your imagination. Meet Arthur A. Peterson, a  quiet, nondescript, middle-aged Everyman, who believes his calling is to find fame and fortune by becoming a pop culture icon.

In the vain of a modern myth, the production tracks the trials and   tribulations of this faceless and voiceless man as he leaves his sheltered life to make a sojourn in search of a persona he believes will make him famous.  While finding entry in to the technological world of pop culture is no easy feat, Arthur unexpectedly connects to his unknown alter ego Tonto Blue and finds not only an identity -- but a voice.


Conceived By:
Kari Margolis and Tony Brown

Written and Directed By:
Kari Margolis

Original Music: Tony Brown

Lyrics: Kari Margolis

Developed with and Performed by:
Tony Brown
with Gregory G. Schott

Lighting Design: Charles Craun

Costume Design: Kari Margolis and Tania Liberata

Video Design:
Tony Brown and Kari Margolis
Home Movie Video:
Edit: Jim Pietzman, Perfomance: Tony Brown, Kym Longhi, Gregory G. Schott
Earth Tones and Something Better Video: Dan Polfus
Videography: Kari Margolis, Jerry Nelson, Jim Pietzman, Martin Moller
Video and Audio Operater:Jarod Hanson



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