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World Premiere
O'Shaughnessy Theater
Saint Paul, MN
Women of Substance Series
September 27th, 2002


Haunted by ancient myths and images of the Hereafter, 30 souls cross paths on a timeless road somewhere in the present. In this mystical dreamscape a fantastic procession of characters including the crone, the fanatic, the prophet and the family next door unwittingly co-exist hand in hand. Can they ever wake from this strange existence if they do not know they are asleep?


Conception and Direction:
Kari Margolis
Original Music: Tony Brown
Multimedia: Tony Brown
Lighting Design / Stage Manager: Pearl Rea
Costumes / Props: Kari Margolis
Decor: Rick Paul
Puppets and Masks:
Kym Longhi
Visual Design Assistant:
Mark Ruark
Choral Director:
Steven Michael Utzig
Curtain Design: Kym Longhi & Kari Margolis
Assistant Stage Managers: Mark Ruark, Jackie Milbrandt, Julia Carlis
Technical Director:
Russ Colliton
Video Operators:
Angela Sylvester, Leigh Gice
Decor Assistant:
May Lane Bernardo
Assistant Lighting Design:
Matt Terwilliger
Set Contruction: Russ Colliton, Dave Cook

Core Ensemble
Juliet Alden, Janet Beard, Rhoda Bloch, *Beth Brooks, Erik Hoover, Renee Howard, *Kym Longhi,
Gregory G. Schott,
Rebecca Surmont,
Szilard Varnai
*Associate Artists

Guest Ensemble
May Lane Bernardo,
Rob Bevars, Tiffany Boatman, Rhiannon Fisk, Alison Forbes, Lyndsey Groth, Katie Guentzel, Sean Hansberry, Jay Hanson, Sarafina Planer, Nicole Relyea, Anneliese Stuht, Mike Sward, Monica Yung



'Sleepwalkers' anawe-inspiring epic
By Carolyn Petrie

Saint Paul Pioneer Press
Sept 26, 2002
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