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World Premiere
Tusten Theater NY
Sept 19, 2008


Enter the strange and dusty world of CYCLOPEDIA; a phantasmagorical place where all the thoughts, stories, poems, equations, experiments, doctrines and beliefs of humanity have found their way. Follow the unpredictable adventures of three odd and ever-changing characters as they forge their way through this sea of manmade madness in search of answers to the oldest and most mysterious questions of all time-- Who are we, Why are we here and Where are we going?


Conceived and Directed by:
Kari Margolis
Original Music and Multimedia: Tony Brown
Created with and Performed by: Ian Bivins and Szilard Varnai with Gregory G. Schott and Live Vocals by Jarod Hanson Lighting Design: Charles Craun
Set Design: Kari Margolis
Scenic Painting & Props:
Rick Paul, Sarah Harwood
Costume Design: Kari Margolis
Costume Construction:
Tania Liberata
and Gregory G. Schott
Production Manager: Ian Bivins
Technical Director: Zoot
Puppet Construction: Ian Bivins and Quinn Bivins
Pre-Show: Jarod Hanson, Sarah Harwood, Jalyn Knobloch, Tania Liberata



At once maddening and magnificent
Enigmatic touring production offers prime performances and plenty to think about
By Robert Trussell
The Kansas City Star
October 2008
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