A brief overview of the performance company

Founded in New York City in 1984 by Artistic Directors Kari Margolis and Tony Brown, the Company encompasses a professional performing ensemble and a full-time training and research center. The Margolis Brown ADAPTORS Company relocated to Minneapolis in 1993 and from 2004 to 2010 shared time between Minneapolis where it premiered its original productions, and Highland New York, the site of the Company’s Margolis Method Training Center. In 2011 the Company will move all its operations to the Highland, New York site.

Under the creative guidance of Tony Brown and Kari Margolis the company has achieved both critical and popular acclaim for its signature physically-charged approach to theater. Known for spectacular ensemble imagery, a rapier wit and the marriage of cutting edge multimedia technology with a muscular and emotionally rich acting style, the company creates original thematic productions that Alan M. Kriegsman of the Washington Post hailed as... "so exciting, so original, so unexpected it renews your faith in the artistic future".


Our artistic goal is to reflect on life rather than imitate it. The Company seeks in all its productions, to reveal the extraordinary within the ordinary and believes that within the suspended animated world of theatre there lies a place where universal ideas can touch an audience on a personal level. For the Company, it is this point of connection that makes for great theatre.

In working to create a new modern theatre, we are inspired to first look back to ancient theatre forms where theatre was a transformative communal experience. We find in theatre’s ritualistic roots an intriguing and powerful performer who embodied the skill sets of actor, dancer, singer and puppeteer. We also find a performance event that was so essential, one could barely separate the experience of the viewer from that of the performer. It is this heartfelt level of connection with an audience we seek today.

Our commitment to this goal is so deep that the Company has, since 1984, been exploring new ways to tell stories that challenge the traditional linear narrative in order to move an audience on a visceral level and stimulate their imaginations. The creation of such a theatre experience has called on us to create a new kind of actor and redefine the actor’s place within the creative process.

The pursuit of this actor has led to the Margolis Method, an in-depth theatre training approach built on three decades of studio research and professional application. What initially started as a means to train the Company’s ensemble, has now become a recognized body of work that is beginning to take hold in universities, theaters and with individuals worldwide.

While economics and politics have made ensemble theatre something of an anomaly in the United States today, the Company has always remained vigorously committed to maintaining a “home” for a group of artists to train, grow, create and ultimately, contribute back to society. We believe that ensemble theatre — a group of people united in mind, muscle and breath -- demonstrates the power of coming together and can help us remember just how generous the human spirit can be.

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